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Mercury labels Ltd have been manufacturing and producing high quality label and tape products for over 30 years, both standard off the shelf stock items and also custom bespoke labels, no matter what your requirement may be, we have every confidence in being able to find a perfect and affordable solution for you and your company.

Custom printed labels and the print bureau division of our company has grown tenfold over the years, we have a full in house design team, ready and on hand to give every help needed to custom design your printed labels and printed tape. This level of service is available to every one of our customers, ensuring that you get the final result you require, Custom labels and custom tapes are a great way for you to add value to your product and give your company a unique image cheaply, it’s simple and quite straight forward.

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A great selection of products at brilliant prices. fast delivery, and excellent quality.

Adam Turner

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Price Stickers, It's SALE time!

Christmas is over and so begin the New Year's Sales. Throughout the whole of Britain the huge grind of the retail Sales machine is certainly in motion, with retail outlets, shops and many business owners vying for more sales by discounting products and trying to compete in this years sales.

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Produce professional looking printable labels with Gloss white labels

Every day off the shelf white labels are matt white with a standard permanent adhesive, which for many applications are perfectly suitable for the job in hand, but if your business or products want to give that extra added value then why not turn your standard labels into something a little more professional looking with gloss white labels. These labels are still printable on all inkjet and laser printers and now with colour printers being very affordable the results you can achieve printing your own labels on gloss white are really great.

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Printed tape & Labels, a cost effective way to advertise!

Does advertising your business really work? Well the answer of course is yes. However advertising can be costly and the gains of which are not really measurable against the money you have shelled out. The usual suspects of places to advertise is well documented, such as magazines, bill boards, TV, radio and all manner of social media sites, all of which work, some of which work better for some than others, although some advertising platforms can be extremely costly.

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