Mercury Labels stock a wide range of A4 label sheets that we manufacture to high industry standards in a variety of finishes and materials. Our most popular product lines are the Avery compatible, plain white A4 inkjet and laser labels that are suitable for high-speed printing. Other materials we use when manufacturing blank packaging labels include photo quality gloss, opaque and frosted materials and a full range of coloured plastics that are compatible with most modern inkjet and laser printing technology.

If you are looking for self-adhesive packaging labels that are ideal for labelling items such as soaps and other products found in the kitchen or bathroom then we also offer clear and translucent stickers which are available in either matt or gloss finish. These labels are waterproof and exceptionally stylish.

You can use our superior quality A4 sticky labels for an overwhelming choice of product labelling applications. They are suitable for pricing a wide range of items including CD ROMs and DVDs, books, ornaments, glassware and antiques - and even food packaging. We manufacture blank labels with a choice of adhesives ranging from low tack, easily removable adhesive for glazed products and delicate items, through to extra permanent or deep freeze adhesives that are ideal for weatherproof product labelling of products that are stored outdoors in all types of conditions.


A4 Laser and Inkjet Label Sheets

If you are looking for a blank packaging label that will enable you to cover up existing content on an item then our opaque or block out laser printer labels are the perfect choice. They are useful for concealing errors in printed publications or mistakes on address labels. You can use block out labels as shipping or delivery labels, pricing labels and as EDI or Paxar labels. Another advantage is that they are useful for keeping certain pieces of information confidential on packaged items. The opaque material we use has a coloured adhesive under a white label that blocks out everything underneath it.

The labels are supplied on A4 sheets that are appropriate for both inkjet and laser printing. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) labels are supplied in units of 4 or 12 per A4 sticker sheet. The client will typically have access to EDI labelling software that enables them to communicate directly with their suppliers or trade partners online. Any paperwork or documentation is transmitted electronically through the system, which places the orders and prints the EDI labels automatically.

Printing Avery Address Labels

Avery Style Address Labels

Self-adhesive stickers that are manufactured on A4 sheets are most commonly used as address labels and are provided in a huge choice of shapes and sizes. Our high quality address labels are available in several formats and are supplied with a choice of adhesives. Most of our customers prefer a permanent / high tack adhesive, which will stay firmly in place; however we also offer low tack adhesive that can be removed easily once a product has been delivered, without destroying the original packaging. In addition to plain white materials, we also supply Avery style address labels with an opaque adhesive that covers up anything underneath. We currently stock an entire range of Avery compatible label products in all the same layouts that the original product line has to offer. This includes A4 laser labels manufactured in corresponding Avery formats that can used as eBay shipping labels, or even UPS shipping stickers, using the eight labels per sheet template. You can order these by searching for the unique Avery code of the product you want.

If you use Microsoft Word, or Avery Pro Software, then we offer a helpful guide that will enable you to get the results you want in a minimal timeframe. Using these software packages to produce personalised address labels makes the process exceptionally quick and easy.

Coloured Labels on A4 Sheets

Another product line we offer is our coloured label range. We currently hold around 10 different colours that are available directly from our existing stock. However, if you are looking for a unique colour that we do not stock, please remember that we can easily print and colour match your labels using any specific pantone colour you have in mind.

Our vast range of products is evolving on a daily basis and we have access to an extensive library of cutters, which we use to create all manner of custom label sizes. The product list below includes our full range of A4 laser and inkjet labels including square, rectangular, round and PCL labels. All formats are suitable for both laser and inkjet use and this extends to our full range of Avery compatible labels. If you are looking for a particular label size that we do not stock, then please contact the sales team, as it is highly likely that we can easily accommodate your requirements.

Please use the links below to navigate your way through our full range of A4 Labels.