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3 Things to Consider Before You Choose Your Product Labels

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a brand new line to introduce to the public or you’re an established name with a smart new product, label design is a key part of getting your products on the shelves of shops across the country. Before you simply slap a label on your brand new item, though, there are a few things you may want to consider.

1. Think Size. There are lots of choices when it comes to label sizing these days, and while you certainly don’t want a tiny label on a huge glass bottle, you likely do want something that sets you apart from your competition. You may even want to test a few ideas before you decide on one. For example, if you’re going with round containers, think about whether you’d prefer one larger label that contains all of the information or a label on the front and one on the back. You’re going to accomplish your goal either way, but one may look slightly more marketable than the other. Don’t forget to factor in the potential for shaped labels here too.

2. A Photo Finish: How your label fits is one thing. How it looks is another. You can choose between a glossy and matte finish in many situations, and while matte offers that classic look that’s easy to read, gloss can mean real impact on anyone who looks at your product. Reflectivity may be the perfect way to stand out, or it may just make your design hard to see, though, so be careful with both options.

3. Material Matters: Today’s product labels offer a variety of material choices that just weren’t possible a few years ago. Your design should be a perfect fit with the material. From textured to clear vinyl to waterproof choices, the options here are endless, but they won’t all be perfect for you.

Selecting the right label for your product may take some trial and error, but in the end, it’s going to help make your debut simply amazing. To learn more about what we offer and how we can help, please contact us today.


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