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A4 Avery equivalent style labels / unbranded

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Avery labels are a worldwide recognised brand of labels, supplied on A4 sheets for Laser and inkjet printing. In the UK Avery labels are all identified with their own unique code. Avery laser labels you will find all codes begin with an L, for example L7160 is a Laser labels with 21 labels per page, with 3 across the sheet and 7 labels down, each individual label size measuring 63.5mm x 38.1mm, the Inkjet equivalent of this is known as a J7160 and with the exact same label layout per sheet and label dimensions.  Just to give you an idea, there are many other label layouts with Avery label codes in the range from 1 label per page right through to 84 labels per page, such as L7165, L7164, L7163, L7162, L7159, L7651, and so on.

These codes are very useful when printing your labels using a number of popular software packages, in particular and the most popular being MicroSoft Word. In MS Word you will find a section called envelopes and labels, once you click on this section of the software you will find all the Avery product codes automatically generated with the correct sheet layout you need to line up your labels to the print, simply pop your details in and away you go with printing your labels, it couldn’t be easier.


With Avery labels being universal in layout and label sizes we always have the full range in stock for immediate despatch in plain white, coloured and also low tack adhesive. Our range of A4 laser and Inkjet labels are the same size, shape and layouts as the Avery products as detailed above. Avery and Avery product codes are trademarks of Avery Dennison. The Avery equivalent labels we supply at Mercury Labels Ltd whilst being the same in size and layout are not produced by Avery Dennison nor are they endorsed by The Avery Dennison Group, our products are branded to us and are manufactured by us at Mercury Labels Ltd. We use the Avery reference codes for ease of use as these are readily available and cross checked in most label printing software.

For more information, feel free to leave any comments and questions.

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