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As a business owner, have you ever thought how your customers perceive your company?  Of course you have, with product quality and service being of paramount importance, but what about your company’s image and identity.  Personalisation of your goods at the stage of delivery is a key feature and one that is sometimes overlooked. We have the solution and the great news is it costs very little. Printed tape, custom printed with your particular company image, logo and design.
Think about it, it is a subtle addition to your product packaging, hence why some company’s overlook it as being unimportant. If you received two deliveries from two different companies, the first is packaged in boxes using standard brown parcel tape, the second wrapped in white branded printed tape in colour with your logo and identity, which delivery is going to strike a note in the mind of your customers? Which is going to get a ‘notice’?  Which would you notice?  Well it’s obvious and from prices as low as 0.99 pence per roll printed tape is a company image enhancer that you simply cannot afford to pass up on.
Printed tape is a superb way of getting your company’s name and logo flooded into every section of your customers operation, plus if your customers have large warehouse based operations then location and identification of your goods becomes a whole lot easier if your name and logo is taped over them. Even if your goods remain in the stores of your customers then people are seeing your logo and company name all the time, as a business owner who wouldn’t want that?
Ordering custom printed tape could not be easier, with a dedication team of designers who simply do the job for you, all we need is a quick brief of what your company branding consists of and away the team go with the design, you can even see your design in full colour before the printed tape actually goes to print, giving you full control and approval of what the final product will look like.
Give your deliveries a revamp for next to nothing. Your goods will look smarter and your company brand is on display. It really is that simple and the value added will be immeasurable against the very low initial outlay for printed tape


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