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Choosing the right Label Stock for you!

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The simple label is most certainly taken for granted but is an essential product in the business place. Labels play an important role for the goods, products and mailings they are stuck onto, whether it is for warning you of something, for identification, for tracking or for instructing you on how your product needs to operated or how it needs to be built, the simple label is very much needed. Getting it right is crucial on many levels, for stick ability and for aesthetics, your labels basically need to do the job and perform as intended. Self adhesive labels come in many formats and many stock lines, finishes and materials, making sure you get the right labels for the job can be a little baffling at times. At Mercury Labels we have experts on hand to help with this issue but here are a few basics that can be applied in your search for the right labels for you.

Label adhesive: This is probably, we think, your most important consideration, which is why we have listed it in order and at the top of the list. No matter what type of labels you are buying, whether it be Thermal labels, A4 labels or printed labels, all of which come with a variety of different adhesive options, some of these will include standard permanent adhesive, high tack adhesive, adhesives suitable for deep freeze, weather / water proof adhesives, then on the other side of the scale you may require low tack options such as peel able labels or super easy peel labels that do not leave any trace of a label previously being there once it has been removed. Therefore getting this right from the outset is critical or you can be left with a sticky mess, if you will pardon the pun.

Label durability: Again we feel this is another important factor when going through your label selection process. You can rely on the labelling experts to guild you on this matter but here are a few pointers to help you along the way. How long do you require your labels to last? Depending on your answer to this question there are several label stocks available to choose from, such as paper based labels, either gloss or matt, or polyester / vinyl type labels, some of which are tested in marine or heavy water conditions to ensure absolute durability and therefore suitability for the job intended.

How your labels look: If your labels are point of sales labels, barcode labels or product labels, then it is important to get the look of the labels correct as this will impact on the overall look of your product. The first question you will probably want to ask yourself is, do I want them Glossy or matt? Both items have their uses and place for many different applications; sometime is it purely a personal preference. Secondly you will need to ascertain whether or not you want to see through your label or maybe you might want the label to be totally opaque so you can’t see anything under the labels at all. This leaves you with a few options of standard paper labels, gloss or matt clear labels or opaque block out labels. 

Once you have crossed these pointers of your check list, your choice becomes a little more advised and straight forward. It’s easy when you know how. Trust the label experts, they know what you need.

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