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Colour Theory and Your Product Labels

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When customers first see your product on the shelf, you want to make an immediate connection so they’ll find yours more attractive than your competitors. One of the best ways to do that is make certain colour works to your advantage. It may seem like an issue that requires little thought, but label colours can have a huge impact on your customer’s final choice.
An Emotional Response
Basic marketing theory will tell you that customers decide whether to buy your product based on a combination of both thought and emotions, and playing to that emotional side can be hugely advantageous. Think carefully about your product, and the emotions you hope to evoke. That could lead to a change in colour for your label design. White, for example, evokes a feeling of relaxation and security while pink can help with tranquility. Green is the colour of peace and happiness, and blue often inspires creativity. Bright yellow typically signifies danger and evokes irritability, which is why it is so often associated with caution signs. Brown can trigger feelings of vitality, and black can help promote rationality.
Once you decide on the right colours for your labels, the next step is to make certain you attain perfect placement. After all, pairing text and background colours that don’t work well together aren’t going to spell legibility and inspire any level of product confidence among your customers. Instead, you’ll want to go for the right level of contrast between light and dark colours. The better the contrast, the higher the level of legibility. Black on yellow, for example, is considered one of the most legible combinations, while white on red may be much tougher to pull off.
If you’re concerned about the colours you’re currently using on your product labels, it may be best to consult with a professional designer before you move forward. You want to leave a good impression the very first time a customer connects with your products, and good colour scheme on your labels can do just that.

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