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Coloured Labels, Spoilt for Choice

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Using coloured labels is a great way to get your products to stand out., buying coloured labels over plain white labels on A4 sheets is certainly one way of achieving this, quickly and cheaply.

They not only offer a good product look but also highly noticeable for a variety of other applications, such as despatch or warehouse situations, stock controlling and rotation, mailings and also as ID labels that could benefit from being colour coded in some way, the uses for coloured labels are endless.

Coloured labels are available to buy in many different formats, from A4 sheets right through to coloured roll fed thermal labels. Coloured labels on rolls can be manufactured using different thermal finishes, such as Thermal transfer labels and also direct thermal labels, they can also be manufactured and printed with any choice of colour you desire.   The same applies for the A4 labels, we do actually stock 15 different colour options on sheets but also if a specific match or a specific colour option is required then pantone or colour matching is anyway of getting the exact coloured labels you need. 

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Another great feature of buying coloured labels either on sheets or rolls is that they can be over printed, using inkjet, laser or thermal printers. If you do not have the use of a colour printer then a simple black on white label can be a thing of the past if the use of coloured labels was introduced. 

They are an incredibly popular product that quite often can be over looked, the next time you are out shopping, have a look around at different products and you will notice the use of stickers everywhere, most of them will be in some for of colour. It makes sense to get the most impact right from the off set and using colour stickers is the easiest and cheapest way to get it.

We have been producing coloured labels for many years now and as mentioned earlier their popularity has never waned.  

For more information on this or any of the related products please do get in touch. 

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