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Every day off the shelf white labels are matt white with a standard permanent adhesive, which for many applications are perfectly suitable for the job in hand, but if your business or products want to give that extra added value then why not turn your standard labels into something a little more professional looking with gloss white labels.  These labels are still printable on all inkjet and laser printers and now with colour printers being very affordable the results you can achieve printing your own labels on gloss white are really great.

Gloss labels are available in all popular sizes and number of labels per sheet, we do also supply gloss labels on rolls too for thermal printing.

Gloss white labels are not really what you would you for despatching or carton labels, they would be better suited for labelling up products as a point of sale label. Imagine your products with a normal printed matt white label, then imaging the same printed labels in colour with a gloss finish; it would add more vale and likability to your products. Even with a pricing label that is shiny and had a gloss finish, they just give an overall better impression and I’m sure you would agree that gloss labels would make your products more appealing, leading to more sales for you.

Another great use for gloss white labels is address labels. Sending out your mailing using gloss labels would again look more professional and would give your mailing and your overall company image a boost for very little extra cost.

At Mercury Labels we supply different types of gloss labels for both laser and inkjet printing. Inkjet gloss labels are very similar to photo quality gloss white paper, they give a superb image when they are printed, whilst laser gloss white labels are available with a semi-gloss sheen or a full cast gloss surface, both items giving a great printed result.

So the next time you are purchasing product labels why not give gloss white labels a go, it’s stands to reason that these will look better, it’s pretty safe to say that you will not go back to using normal matt labels.

For further information on our range of gloss white labels please feel free to comment here or get in tough.

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