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The perfect solution for Glass Manufacturers is our Glass Easy Peel Labels.

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By its very nature glass is one of the most difficult surface products to remove labels from. At Mercury Labels over the years we have been presented with numerous customers who have required a labelling option on their glass or glazing that will peel off without leaving a smear or residue. It has been a long standing and problematic irritation to many companies who supply glass, windows or any glazing products that need to be marked up and labelled.

Well, we have the answer. We have released two new label products into this market place that eliminates the age old problem adhesive residue being left on the glass. Our super peel and also our dedicated glass easy peel labels are both removable or peel able labels with a super low tack adhesive. These products have been in production for a couple of years and since their release we are having great results and success with them.  Our customers are delighted which makes it a perfect and suitable end result.  So in short and at a glance:

• Supplied on rolls and also A4 sheets, both for self-printing.
• Very easy to print, using Thermal or Laser printers.
• The labels can stay or the glass for any length of time.
• Removable from glass with no residue, simply peel off and the glass is clear.

There are subtle differences between the two products, one is slightly cheaper than the other but the other has a particular suitability for coated and also toughened glass. This means that gone are the days where the end users had to resort to scrapping the adhesive label residue off and with constant washing with soapy water, both the Low tack, glass easy peel labels and also the low tack super peel labels have the solution, these products are simply a printable A4 sheet of labels, that are stuck on to the glass or glazing units and subsequently peeled off with ease. It’s a great result and one that has been long in the development. Unlike days gone by where specialised adhesive label products would have cost you a fortune, our low tack labels do not come with a hefty price tag.

If you would like more information or a test of these products please feel to get in contact with us.


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