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Three Label Considerations You Must Make Now

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If you’re working to get your product on the shelves of shops everywhere faster, nothing is going to be more important than the label you design. Those first impressions of your product are essential to make it a success, but what exactly should be your top considerations when it comes to labels? This quick guide can help.

1. What Must Be Included: Depending on the type of product you’ve produced and where you intend to market it, there are certain things that you have to include on your label. In the UK, for instance, all cosmetics must include (among other things) a list of ingredients, warnings, and a ‘Best Before’ date. Food labels have entirely different requirements, as do those for products that may be marketed in other countries.

2. Label Durability: You not only need the label to stay on until your customer brings the product home, but you likely also want it to last for some time beyond that. This may not be a problem with every type of product, but those subjected to extreme conditions, including light, heat, and temperature may have to fight with it. This is as true for foods that may end up in the freezer as it is for personal care products that may be left in the bathroom. Work to find the right type of label for your product.

3. Container Shape: Not every type of label is going to look great on a wine bottle. This is true for other uniquely shaped containers too. These days, there are few limits on sizes and shapes of new products, so think about yours before you place an order.

The number of label choices can be overwhelming these days, so to ensure your new line has the best possible chance of standing out on shop shelves, give us a call today to learn more about our full line of labels, ready to make your product as successful as possible. 

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