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Waterproof Labels: Rain or Shine, These Labels do the Trick

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No matter how you look at it, the label is a truly amazing piece of technology. Whether you need to put an address on an envelope or send your customer a package, labels get the job done. But there are situations when the standard label just won’t cut it. What, for example, would happen when a typical label is exposed to less-than-dry conditions? Naturally, the ink will become a blobby mess, and the label will no longer serve its purpose. Fortunately, there’s a fairly simple solution – our full line of waterproof labels.

How Do They Work?
These labels are made of a stronger, glossier material that has a great resistance to water. The label is structured from a material that will be able to withstand the dampest possible conditions without tearing or peeling back.

We offer them in a range of sizes and styles, even those that can be printed on your standard office printers. All of them, though, have a unique quality. They work to grab the ink, absorbing it deeply. That helps to keep it from blotting, fading, or smearing if it gets wet.

All of our water proof labels are tested in marine conditions to ensure durability, and the adhesive, BS5609, will hold up, no matter what happens.

Why Waterproof Labels?
Our line of waterproof and weather resistant choices offer a tremendous amount of comfort. No longer is there a need to worry about an address label getting rain on it, making the address illegible. These labels are perfect for so many uses, both corporate and personal.  No matter what you make, sell, or even distribute, our labels can stand up to the worst possible conditions.

Waterproof labels are a great alternative for those who need a tough label that can withstand water. Don’t let your label fade away. Waterproof labels keep the ink in place, and keep your business flowing.

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