See through stickers are one of the best selling products on our website and they are available in a vast choice of finishes, which are suitable for both laser and inkjet printing. Our Gloss and Matt transparent labels are exceptionally stylish yet surprisingly affordable and as well as supplying clear self-adhesive labels that are completely see-through, we also manufacture translucent stickers with a semi-transparent frosted finish. The perfect choice for clear address labels, our transparent stickers are also ideal for product labelling and they can be applied virtually anywhere on any object. If you are looking to print your own price or product labels for items such as candles, glass jars, books or even luxury soap bars then we stock everything you need to get the job done beautifully!

As well as supplying blank labels that you can print on yourself, Mercury Labels also offer a bespoke, full colour printing service that is fast and efficient with highly competitive prices.


See Through Stickers and Transparent Labels

If you are looking to buy high quality clear stickers that you do not wish to print on then please visit our clear sealing labels page where you will find a range of products that are more appropriate for your needs. We have designed our clear sealing stickers to fulfil a very specific task and we supply them in convenient boxes that make them easy to dispense without the need for printer compatibility.

The clear stickers and translucent labels that you can purchase online from our website are available in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes. You can buy them in circular or oval, square and rectangular formats, which we supply either on A4 sheets or on easy to use rolls. If you want to buy custom printed clear stickers and labels, featuring full coloured images, such as your logo, and with additional text such as your contact details, then we can are always happy to oblige.

NHS using clear labels        See through labels for mailing        printed clear labels

Our fully personalised stickers and labels add an authentic look of quality on any product to which they are applied. As well as product labelling, they also look great when used for adding addresses on return envelopes that you might send to customers or members of your organisation.

When used with a colour laser printer or modern inkjet, our transparent labels and stickers are capable of producing stunning results with an unrivalled look of elegance. If you want your customers and business associates to be impressed with your goods then printing your own labels and stickers using our products will provide instant success with the minimum of effort. By keeping your label printing in house - you can also reduce your marketing costs whilst retaining complete control over the finished product.

Use the listing below to view our full range of see through labels and transparent stickers available on A4 clear label layouts.