The full range of A4 labels featured on our website is available in a huge choice of off-the-shelf colours. We supply them directly from stock in boxes of 100, 200 or 500 A4 sheets. Simply select the size and type of label you require, pick a colour then let Mercury Labels provide all the products you need.

Our coloured labels and self-adhesive stickers are available in a superb range of standard colours that are ready for immediate despatch and we offer a full colour matching service for those in search of specific pantone colours. In addition to our standard coloured labels, we also stock an exciting choice of brightly coloured fluorescent stickers and labels which are guaranteed to catch the eye!

If you are looking for coloured labels with a metallic finish then you will be glad to know that we are now able to manufacture and supply gold, bronze and silver labels that are fully compatible with colour laser printers. Our gold and silver labels are a popular choice for wedding invitations and party invites. You can also use them as incredibly attractive return address labels as they exhibit an extremely professional look and finish. Gold labels are also popular with schools, as many teachers have started to use them as reward stickers for star pupils.

Unlike our non-metallic labels, our gold and silver stickers are only printable when using laser technology. However, if you do not have access to a laser printer - we can easily print the labels on your behalf. Simply ask the team and we will get the job done for you! If you would like to order any sample labels so that you can see the quality of our products for yourself then please do not hesitate to get in touch, as we are always happy to help.

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A4 Colour Labels And Stickers

Yellow Coloured Stickers Pale Yellow Coloured Labels Orange Coloured Labels Red Coloured Labels Light Red Coloured Stickers Rhodamine Red Coloured Stickers
Purple Coloured Stickers Light Blue Coloured Labels Mid Blue Coloured Labels Dark Blue Coloured Labels Light Green Coloured Stickers Mid Green Coloured Labels
Dark Green Coloured Labels Cream Coloured Stickers Pink Coloured Labels Gold Coloured Labels Silver Coloured Stickers Bronze Coloured Stickers

We offer a standard off the shelf range of coloured labels and fluorescent stickers, such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, cream, magenta, black, gold and silver, plus Day-Glo fluorescent colour labels if you need something that stands out little more. Both our white paper labels and coloured sticky labels are available with a choice of either permanent self-adhesive or a low tack adhesive should you have the need to remove the labels at some point in the future. We also manufacture our full range of coloured stickers and fluorescent labels using a range of heavy-duty materials such as polyester or vinyl in addition to the normal paper based products we supply.

Coloured labels on A4 sheets are suitable for use with laser and inkjet printers. They are the perfect choice for a huge range of different applications such as helping people move house. By using these stickers to colour code your boxes, you can easily identify which goods you have packed and where they are heading. You can also use them for book banding or for cataloguing collectible items.

In terms of industrial use, coloured labels and stickers offer a fast and effective means of labelling products that are stored in a warehouse. They enable workers to spot different products instantly whilst ensuring items of the same type are stored correctly in the right place. Our coloured labels are also useful for mail-out items and they can really make your products stand out in the post. As well as the standard choice of colours which is always in stock and available for immediate despatch, we also offer a full colour matching service using the pantone reference system.

Popular Uses for our Fluorescent Labels and Coloured Stickers

Stock Control Coloured LabelsSTOCK TAKE LABELS.  Coloured labels offer an ideal means for making stocktaking a much quicker and easier process. When you label your goods and products using coloured stickers they are much simpler to count, identify and move around. Our coloured labels are easy to print on - or they you can simply leave them blank for stock ID purposes.

ID LabelsIDENTIFICATION LABELS. Our vast range of coloured labels on A4 sheets are often used by our customers to identify products and goods including date sensitive items such as food and perishable stock. By using coloured stickers, members of staff can easily identify which food items are about to reach their sell by date which helps speed up stock rotation and other daily tasks.

Stock Rotation LabelsSTOCK ROTATION COLOUR STICKERS. Coloured labels supplied on A4 sheets or on rolls are often the best way to assist with the rotation of all kinds of stock. The main area we supply coloured labels for rotation is into the food, deli and perishables industries, when months, days, dates and times play an essential role in determining the safety of goods fit for human consumption. Identifying whether or not a product is still in date using a quick glance can be the only way to achieve this cheaply and effectively.

Coloured School LabelsCOLOURED LABELS for SCHOOLS. Mercury labels are leading suppliers to hundreds of schools up and down the UK. Coloured labels can be used to identify children's belongings, books and even visitors. Coloured stickers can be supplied both printed and unprinted for unrivalled flexibility.

Coloured Book LabelsCOLOURED LABELS for BOOKS. Over the years, we have supplied many establishments such as libraries, bookshops and book suppliers with coloured stickers for colour coding books and other publications. This makes it easier to group certain categories of books together and this makes it simpler to identify and move batches of books from one area to another. Again, fluorescent labels and coloured stickers can simply be left blank or you can easily print on them using laser or inkjet equipment.

NHS Coloured LabelsCOLOURED LABELS for NHS. The National Health Service is one of our biggest customers and they use our coloured sticker products across many departments including their laboratories and wards. Patient records, medication labelling, stock rotation and date identification are just some of the tasks where our coloured labels help to keep things organised. We have supplied the NHS with plain and printed coloured labels since the turn of the century and shall continue doing so for many years still. Under the NHS bracket, we also supply chemist labels for labelling drugs, pharmaceutical labels and biohazard warning labels, which are typically yellow or red in colour with black print on the foreground.

Coloured Mailing LabelsCOLOURED STICKERS  AS MAILING LABELS. Direct Mailing Companies and Mailing Houses often require an extra touch of quality on the items they send through the post and coloured labels can help to achieve this quickly and cost effectively. Matching up professionally printed coloured labels with coloured envelopes can add a high-class quality image to any corporate mailing item. Our coloured labels on A4 sheets, which you can use for laser and inkjet printing, have always been a popular product with our direct mail customer base.

 If you would like to find out more about our coloured label and fluorescent sticker products, either printed or blank, then please get in touch with our sales team. Call now and let Mercury Labels provide all the assistance you need in order to fulfil all your colour-labelling requirements.