Although dot matrix printers have been updated and replaced in most work-based environments with printing equipment that is quicker, quieter and more efficient, Mercury Labels recognize that there are still many customers out there who still require dot matrix compatible fanfold computer labels for their daily printing needs. We supply our high quality dot matrix labels as sprocket fed or fanfold labels that we manufacture with precision-made sprocket holes down both sides of the label sheet, which enables a continuous feed of labels to be fed through any compatible printing device. This includes all major dot matrix label printers or pin-feed printing units.


Sprocket Fed, Continuous Fanfold Labels for Dot Matrix Printers

We currently stock a huge choice of over 80 individual product lines in our fan fold label range and these are available in many different paper configurations. Our dot matrix computer labels are supplied in formats ranging from one to six labels wide across the fanfold label web depending on the size of label required. We also manufacture dot matrix labels in a roll format if this is more suitable for your printing needs.

Fan fold labels are often used in office environments for labelling supplies and also for mailing purposes. Our continuous labels are supplied using a choice of honey or kraft backings, although the actual labels are identical and the type of backing used is virtually irrelevant.

The only real difference between our inkjet and laser labels versus our dot matrix labels is the actual tractor feed featured on the backing sheet that enables the continuous roll to be fed through the printer. These particular computer labels are referred to by a number of names, which include fanfold or fan folded labels, tractor fed or tractor feed and sprocket fed continuous labels.

Computer labels that are supplied with more than one label per row are manufactured with a spacing that ranges from one tenth of an inch up to a quarter of an inch between each unit. This enables the user to print right up to the edge of the label without interfering with the print on the next label. If you have any questions regarding our continuous dot matrix labels, then please contact a member of our team who will be happy to help with your enquiry.

You can view our full range of continuous fanfold labels below.