Whilst we may hopefully be through the worst of the Covid 19 outbreak and many of us are returning to work, it is obviously very important that we observe the guidelines set out for us by the Government and the world Health Organisation going forward. Mercury Labels have been printing labels and tape for many years and now have a full range of social distancing floor marking tapes and also social distancing floor marking labels. Social distancing is for the time being going to be the new normal and we must all, especially in the work place observe these distancing rules as employers and employees and also for the benefit of the public to ensure they are social distancing too. The Floor marking tape that we now hold in stock makes it very clear what is required. The floor marking labels also are printed with full instructions of where to stand and how far apart to stand from another person, also and in addition to these floor marking tapes and labels we have a range of hygiene labels to remind everybody to wash their hands. Covid 19 labels for hygiene is a gentle reminder and suitable for bathroom / kitchen and toilet situations.

Distance Tape

In addition to the social distancing floor tapes and labels we also supply a full range of none adhesive barrier tape, at the moment that is now also being used widely due to the virus. Some areas of business are not yet suitable for the public to return to as previous, therefore our printed barrier tape gives the employer or business owner to ability to cordon off areas that need to be separated and are out of bounds.

During these dreadful times, It is incumbent for everyone of us to abide by the rules of social distancing, and therefore our floor marking tape, our printed social distancing labels and hygiene labels are a great way for business owners to do their part and make the work place safe for staff and also members of the public. We are here to help with that. We have kept all these products at a very low cost for obvious reasons, please do get in contact with us and we can discuss all your requirements with ease.

Distance Tape     Distance Tape     Distance Tape

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