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Q. Can I still buy Continuous Computer Labels?

Yes you can, sprocket fed computer labels for use with dot matrix printers are supplied as an off the shelf item, we offer  computer labels from 1 wide, 2 wide, 3 wide and also 4 wide, (across the sprocket fan fold) from stock.

Please also note that we supply this range of labels in both plain white and also coloured if required.  We can and regularly do custom print onto computer labels so if it is a personalised printed option you are looking for we can help with this also.

The sprocket fed label stock range is supplied with a permanent adhesive but we can also produce the computer labels in a range of adhesive types, such as low tack where the label needs to be removed without leaving any glue residue, a high tack adhesive option, which is an extremely aggressive adhesive that makes the label impossible to remove or a freezer adhesive whereby the computer label needs to withstand certain temperatures.

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