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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get a template for your A4 labels?

Yes you can. PDF templates and also Microsoft Word templates are available to you by email for all Avery label types and also all the PCL labels range. Whichever range of labels you order from us more often than not we can supply a template in one or both of the above mentioned formats.

Some Avery labels already have an Avery label template set up in MS Word, you will find this in the envelopes and labels section of the programme, follow the link that takes you to a section called Avery labels A4 and A5, you will find all the Avery L and J codes there ready to use.

PCL labels are a large range of labels that we supply, these labels come in many different shapes and sizes, and therefore PDF templates can be downloaded or simply emailed over to you as requested.

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