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Q. Can I buy labels that can be removed from glass?

By its nature glass is a very difficult product to remove adhesive from, many companies have had problems with their labels leaving residue on the glass.

Over a number of years now we have been developing and improving our Glass Easy Peel range of Low Tack Labels and also cling grade labels which adhere well to glass but do not have a residue problem when they are removed. We have several strengths of low tack labels, the adhesive ranges from standard removable, to super peel and also Glass easy peel, all the label products are suitable as glass labels but we always like to test which one is most suitable for you, depending on what type of glass your products are produced from, sometimes toughened glass or coated glass may require the super peel or the glass easy peel labels.

So to answer, yes all the low tack labels we offer are great for this purpose and have been specially designed for this type of application.

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