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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My labels have a plain matt surface, what other finishes do you offer?

Yes we have a large number of label materials and finishes available.

Plain matt white labels are still the most popular and are the most economical but we do have many other finishes available from stock such as gloss white, coloured, and also clear or polyester label finishes too.

Our range of glossy labels are suitable for both laser and inkjet printing, The inkjet finish is similar to photo quality gloss labels, with a high gloss finish that gives a perfect print. Gloss labels add value to your finished labels. For laser printing the A4 gloss labels we manufacture are available in both semi gloss and full high gloss finishes.

Coloured labels or colour washed labels are now available across every size on this website. we hold over 10 stock coloured labels such as yellow, red, green, blue, orange, magenta, pink, cream and so on. if one of these colours are not suitable, we do offer a colour washing service. This service give you the ability to match up the colour to your exact requirements.

We also supply the full range of labels in several polyester finishes, covering clear labels, water proof and weather proof suitable for all manner of wet or various weather conditions.

All of these label materials can be used across our whole range of products and layouts.

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