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Q. What is the difference between Die cut and Butt cut Labels?

Ok, a die cut label is usually supplied on A4 Sheets, Die cut refers to the actual cutting of the label surface to produce the number of labels per page that you can peel off the A4 sheet, these labels always have rounded corners or radius corners to each label and sometimes a slight gap in between each row of labels on the sheet. A brand of labels that are all die cut in this fashion are Avery labels,, you will find Avery codes such as L7160, L7161, L7651 and so on, all of which are die cut labels.

Butt cut labels is pretty much as the term suggests, the labels are butted up to one another with no spacing. The labels on the butt cut A4 sheets also have square corners not round.

We supply both Avery equivalent die cut labels and also butt cut labels form stock.


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