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Q. What are integrated labels?

An integrated label is a label that is integrated within the A4 sheet. Unlike the A4 laser / inkjet labels that are labels cut into a full sheet of adhesive, with integrated labels the full sheet is not made of adhesive labels, it is an A4 sheet of normal paper that usually has one or two labels built into it on a panel or a patch that you can see form the back. Integrated labels are normally used as invoices or delivery notes, printed with the relevant delivery details and the label is then used to ship products or post the invoice, very popular with online catalogues and shopping sites as they save time in printing labels and duplicating that print onto invoices or shipping notes, integrated labels have the whole packet in one sheet and one print.

Please note, in addition to plain white integrated labels we also offer a full colour printed service. These labels can be printed to the face and to the back also.  Obviously custom designed labels have a much greater impact with your customers, not only with your company logo and details but importantly with your terms and conditions printed on the reverse of the form, which for some companies is very important as these printed terms will hold instructions of returns and relevant policies.

If you are interested in obtaining pricing on custom printed integrated labels, please do not hesitate to contact our sales teams on 0845 026 4232, we are always happy to help.


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