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Q. Can you print labels in full colour?


Yes we can, printed labels are completely custom printed by us for our clients. These labels can be printed using 1 colour or anything in between up to full colour process, which is full colour. Labels that are of custom designs can range from anything too anything depending on the business and product types. The most commonly ordered printed labels are company logo labels. Logo labels are used by name companies for obvious reason, for mailings, product labels, POS and much more. However printed labels can be customised to incorporate anything at all, such as chemical labels for example that will hold various warnings and vital content information and as suggested above these and all printed labels can be printed using 1 colour or full colour.

We have several machines that produce our custom printed labels and as a result of this no order is to big or in fact no order is too small on the other hand. Even in full colour you can order as little as 50 labels.

If you need any further clarification on this topic, feel free to contact us and a member of our custom printed label team will help you further.


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