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Q. What is the difference in Wax ribbons and Resin ribbons?

Both wax ribbons and resin ribbons are ribbons for use through a thermal printer using Thermal Transfer Labels, some labels are known as direct thermal labels, these do not require a label, but all thermal transfer labels will need the use of a ribbon.

Wax ribbons are the most economical and the widest used ribbons, whilst resin ribbons are for those applications where a very durable and starch proof print is needed. Wax thermal ribbons are used in many industry sectors, from local shops to high turnover distribution companies. The wax ribbons are often used for shipping and distribution because the life span of the labels and the print is not required to last forever. Resin ribbons on the other hand as detailed above would give you a much more durable and reliable life spam of it's print, in conjunction with the correct thermal labels materials.

There is also now a mixture of the two formulas now known as a wax / resin ribbon. Wax resin ribbons are thermal ribbons that obviously are a blend of the two, they give a fantastic print and are cheaper than Full Resin ribbons whilst still giving a durable hard print onto your thermal transfer labels.

For the past 5 years we have grown our ribbon supplies considerably, we now stock all popular branded ribbons as well as many compatible cheaper items.  The branded thermal ribbons we stock are for use in Zebra Printers, Sato printer, Tex printers, Datamax printers, to mention a few. Give our sales team a call for further information on any thermal ribbons or any help you may need.


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