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Q. Do you sell coloured labels that I can print on?


Yes we stock a full range of coloured labels on A4 Sheets for laser or inkjet printing, we do also offer A3 an A3+ size.  We now have over 9 different colours that are available immediately in any layout and any number of labels per page, so if it's a full A4 page you nee coloured or many different labels on the sheet coloured, it's really not a problem.

We also offer a colour washing service which basically means that we take the labels you require, for example 14 labels or 21 labels per page and then we colour match them to any colour you need.  These can be labels that are coloured to a specific PMS or pantone reference or if this is not something you have we can simply colour match any sample that you to us. For example, if you are trying to match up to a coloured box or evelope or maybe trying to over label a brochure that has been printed to a specific colour then colour washed labels giving the perfect colour match is the ideal product for you.

We do not only hold a large amount of stock of coloured labels on A4 sheet, we also supply an ever increasing range of coloured thermal labels, often supplied on rolls. 


If you have any further need for help or clarification then we would love to hear form you.  Get in touch with us on 0845 026 4232, we are always happy to help.


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