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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m having trouble with my printed tape keep snapping, Can you help? 


Yes we can! Often we hear this as a common problem with some printed tape users, there are many different variations of printed tape available on the market and many different degrees of quality and thickness.

We have several product materials that have never let us down on quality, plus we never go below the required micron thickness required to produce a high quality finish.

Printed tape is a great addition to any company's despatch regime, whilst it costs practically nothing to buy, printed tape gives your product a fantastic boost, littering your items and your deliveries to your customers with your company name and image. It's almost free advertising.

Buying tape from mercury is a simple process. We supply a full proof of what the end result will be, once you are happy we then print it for you, what could be easier? and because it is an inexpensive product, it's a product you simply can not afford not to buy. 

Contact our printed tape team on 0845 026 4232 for full specifications and tape details.


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