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Q. What is the difference in Die cut labels and Avery Labels?


Die cut labels basically means that the labels are die cut onto the A4 sheets using a Die Tool, this gives you rounded corners and a selvedge or a strip round each of the labels, very much like Avery labels,. Our products are not manufactured by Avery but they are made to the exact same sizes and positioning on the sheets and match up to the commonly used Avery codes you will find in many software package. With the Avery style labels that we supply being manufactured by us here at Mercury, we are unable to sell them to you as Avery labels, they are not, they are our own brand but they are all made and cut or ‘die cut’ to the exact same measurements.

Die cut labels or labels with round corners are probably one of the most popular ranges of labels with the A4 sheet label types, simple to use and easy to print onto A4 die cut labels are a great asset to any office or industrial situation. Over the past 10 years the price of A4 labels in general has decreased quite dramatically due to more efficient manufacturing operations and high levels of stock being shipped.  We are pleased to be one of the leading companies and suppliers of this much loved range of labels.

Give us a call or email us for more details on, Avery labels, or our own die cut range of A4 labels.

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