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Q. Can you print product labels for me?


Our in house bureau division has many years of experience in designing and printing product labels. We offer a service that from the start is easy and extremely straight forward, it doesn’t even matter if you have current artwork or designs or not.  If no existing artwork is available to us then we offer a full design service to create the ideal printed labels you are looking for.   Once the artwork is in place what we do at this stage is submit a full colour proof of the final labels, this will show you exactly how the finished printed label will look, from colour to shape, to size and style.  Once you are happy to give the go ahead to print, we will then at this point create your plates; printing plates are used on our presses and produce the print in very fine detail and of the highest quality. Delivered to you, on time and when required, resulting in a happy customer.

We have three types of label printing presses, foil, flexo, and also digital. These presses basically offer us a choice of how to run your labels, if it was to be a small run of say 100 labels, then the digital or foil press may be the best option for us, this allows us to get the price very low for you, however if there are higher quantities required then the litho or flexo presses would come into action and drive the price down as we can run these much faster.

Contact one of our experienced members of the print division, they will be able to offer any assistance or help you may require.

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