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Q:  I can see from your site the A4 labels sizes, but I require the A4 sheet to be perforated, can you do this ?


We certainly can.  We have the facility to offer  most stock sizes with the added benefit of perforations, this allows the sheet and label to be tore off into smaller sections.  For example A4 labels with perforations can be used in situations where at one stage of the process one particular label needs to removed via the perforation and applied to a certain product and then the rest of the sheet is used in another department  for another use.  Not only are the A4 sheet fed perforated laser labels available in plain white paper material, they are also available in coloured material too.  Another very popular material type for A4 laser labels with perforations is the removable adhesive, these are very popular within the glass industry.  This is due to all the different processes involved in the manufacture and production of glass units, as the glass easy peel removable adhesive can be removed from glass products without leaving any adhesive residue.

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