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Q:  I have a printed brochure and there is an error within the text,  I need to cover it up what can I do?


There is a solution, and we can help with this here at Mercury Labels. We have a block out material that covers up any text or image, it normally has a grey or black adhesive so that nothing can be seen through it once it has been applied.  Don’t worry if your brochure is coloured, we can also colourwash the block out  label material to any specific pantone reference so it totally blends in with the colour on the brochure.  If new amended text needs to be on the block out label we also supply the labels pre printed, this is available on a white or a specific coloured back ground.  Our in-house design team will provide a proof of the printed block out label for you to approve free of charge prior to printing to ensure the text or image on the block out label is 100% correct before we print for you.
These block out labels or opaque labels as they are also known can be supplied plain or pre-printed on rolls or A4 sheets.  We have thousands of cutter sizes in stock so whatever size of block out label you need we can help.  
Please contact one of our friendly members of the sales team for any further assistance.

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