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Q:  Do you have a label that can be put on a product that is going in to a freezer?


The deep freeze adhesive material is what you are looking for and yes we supply this material from stock.  The deep freeze adhesive material that Mercury Labels offer can withstand temperatures down to -40oc.  This robust deep freeze adhesive can be supplied plain on A4 sheets for you to print on a laser printer or can be supplied on rolls for you to print on a thermal printer.  This gives you the in-house flexibility to print the deep freeze adhesive labels yourself if you have lots of different sorts of texts or images.  Alternatively we can print the deep freeze adhesive labels for you on rolls.  The nature of the deep freeze label  material ensures that the print does not run in freezer conditions when coming into contact with ice or moisture. This is important as the deep freeze label could be used for recording the contents or eat by dates for refrigerated items.  The deep freeze label material adheres firmly and permanently to items that are already frozen also.
Feel free to call one of our members of staff and they will be only too happy to discuss your requirements for the deep freeze label material.

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