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Q. I need barcode labels to be printed but they are not all the same, can you do this?


Yes we can print either static barcode labels where all the data remains the same from label to label or we also print consecutively numbered barcodes, usually in increments of one, so for example if you are looking for 5000 barcode labels which are all numbered differently you may start with number 0001 and ending with 5000.

You may also have a selection of different product lines that all require different barcode labels, again this is not a problem for us to produce as we do not have any minimum order quantities, therefore it does not matter to us if you need 100 of one type and 500 of another for example.

So in short it really does not matter if you require a short run or a long run of barcodes that are the same or different from one another, we can produce your barcode labels quite easily.


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