Deep Freeze Labels for Low Temperature Applications

At Mercury Labels, we are able to manufacture and supply every sticker and label product in our catalogue with a deep freeze adhesive as and when required. As with our standard labels, we supply our deep freeze stickers on A4 sheets or rolls, which are compatible with modern inkjet and laser printers.

When using our dedicated freezer labels in extremely cold environments, you can rest assured that the print quality will remain 100% intact without the risk of running, smudging or fading due to the exceptionally low temperature where the labelled products are stored. Labels that can withstand low temperatures are particularly useful in a food storage context, where food items need to be identified easily in large industrial fridges and commercial freezer rooms. They are also useful in a home environment where you can use them to label Tupperware boxes that are stored in a domestic freezer.

We also supply freezer labels to chemists and various NHS departments who use them on a routine basis for labelling medical samples which need to be stored in extremely cold temperatures and this is an area where performance and reliability are critical. The vast majority of deep freeze labels we supply are in a plain white or clear format, although we also offer a full range of coloured stickers backed with deep freeze adhesive that you can use for colour-coded storage.

When ordering freezer labels online using our website, you can either print the labels yourself or take advantage of our bespoke, full colour printing service that we can tailor precisely to fit your needs whilst offering a fast turnaround and highly competitive prices.

In addition to providing deep freeze labels on A4 sheets for laser and inkjet printing, we also manufacture thermal transfer stickers and direct thermal labels on rolls, backed with the exact same high quality freezer adhesive.

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For any further information on freezer labels, please do contact a member of our team on 0845 026 4232.

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