Glass is one of the most troublesome materials to peel a label from and this is because it has an extremely flat surface that the average self-adhesive label will bond to very tightly indeed. Once a label has been removed from a glass surface, you will often be left with a sticky residue and bits of paper that are almost impossible to remove without ruining the underlying product. The only way to deal with the problem is to use hot soapy water and spend the best part of a day trying to get the left over glue off as gently as possible.

Window manufacturers and suppliers are incredibly reliant on adhesive labels in order to track their products throughout the manufacturing process. They also use adhesive labels to identify their merchandise whilst using them to affix a CE marking to their wares, as required by EU law.

Mercury Labels have sympathized with those in the glass industry for quite some time and have gone to great lengths to design a new range of labels, which have been specifically produced to make life easier for glaziers and those working in the glass-fitting sector.

Both our blank labels and custom printed stickers for glass labelling have been carefully created using the highest quality materials and adhesives so that they will always stay firmly in place whilst remaining exceptionally smooth and simple to peel off once they are no longer required.

Our blank labels for glass products can be used with any modern laser printer and they are provided on A4 sheets in a huge choice of shapes, styles and sizes. They are highly popular amongst industrial clients, commercial suppliers and wholesale manufacturers in the glass industry who have come to depend on them for ease of use and reliability. Our easy peel labels for glass are made from high-grade materials that we buy from a Swedish label manufacturer and a UK based laminate specialist.

Static Cling and Other Easy Peel Labels for Glass

Low Tack Labels - are well suited for some types of glass, there are some forms of glass which are a little more susceptible to adhesive problems such as coated and toughened glass.

Super Peel Labels - are the next step up the ladder and they are suitable in situations where a low tack option simply is not good enough. Super peel glass labels are coated with a super peelable adhesive, which offers an enhanced release action. They are incredibly easy to remove from a glass surface.

Glass Easy Peel Labels - are a totally dedicated product that feature a specialised release factor that is completely free of any form of adhesive bleed or glue residue. Although this is a more expensive option, our increased customer base has meant that we have recently been able to lower the price on these labels substantially.

Cling Grade or Static Cling Labels - are a slightly more unusual product that contains no adhesive whatsoever. They work in a similar fashion to the clear polyester stating cling labels that motorists used to use as car tax disc-holders. Instead of using glue, static cling labels rely on static electricity to keep themselves in place and they actually stay in place quite effectively! They are particularly popular with opticians who use them for labelling their goods with prices and retail information.

Our static cling labels are available in all manner of shapes and sizes and we can supply them blank so that you can print on them yourself - or we can print them for you. They are available in a choice of white or clear material. Unlike our other labels, static cling labels are completely reusable and you can remove and reapply them an unlimited number of times. Popular printed glass labels that are available directly from stock include Handle With Care stickers, Fragile labels and CE approved stickers.

Mercury Labels are now one of Britain's leading manufacturers of glass easy peel labels and we have a whole team of experts in this field who are always available to help should you require any assistance when choosing and ordering from this particular product line.

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