Gloss labels are more often linked to inkjet printing due to historic colour printing options being far cheaper using inkjet printers. However over a number of years now colour laser printers have reduced in price dramatically and sometimes are as cheap to buy as inkjet printers. Therefore in addition to the inkjet range of glossy adhesive stickers we also have a full compliment of gloss labels for laser and inkjet printing, giving the same quality shiny label finish and a full colour printing laser option.

The labels in this section of our website are available either in a gloss white finish for laser printing, or in a photo-quality gloss sticker finish that is suitable for inkjet printers. Our glossy A4 laser label products are manufactured on sheets and are available in two types of material. The first has a satin gloss or semi-gloss finish, which has a visually appealing 'sheen' to it. The second type of material has a full or cast gloss finish, which is exceptionally bright and shiny. These labels and stickers are incredibly eye-catching and are particularly attractive when used for product labelling.

Gloss labels and glossy stickers are ideal for situations where the appearance of the label itself is important to the overall look of the product that you are applying them to, such as bottles and jars. Although you are able to print the labels yourself using standard laser printing equipment, the final result looks as though the label was created by a professional company - especially when using a colour laser printer.

Another popular material that we use for manufacturing gloss labels is white polyester. These clear vinyl labels are supplied with a kraft backing and they are also compatible with all modern laser printers. You can order these labels in a wide choice of layouts, which are provided on A4 sheets that you can use with your printer instead of normal paper. Our gloss white and vinyl labels are weather proof and water resistant and they are available in many different sizes and shapes including round, rectangular and square.

For further information on custom printed stickers in glossy finish, read the page available on our website.

Photo Quality Gloss Labels and Stickers (Inkjet or Laser)

We supply our glossy inkjet labels and stickers to individuals and business users who are looking for a true photo quality finish that they can achieve with standard home or office printing equipment. When using our gloss labels with an inkjet printer, it is important to let your printer know that you are using a high quality, gloss finish material in order to get the best possible results. This can usually be done via the software that you are printing from. Once you have printed the labels yourself, the results should be close to perfection and completely indistinguishable from professionally printed products.

Please feel free to browse our range of glossy labels here:
Avery compatible gloss labels
Butt Cut (Square Cornered) gloss labels
Circular gloss labels
PCL gloss labels
Thermal gloss labels

As leading label manufacturers, we are able to provide a full range of Avery equivalent laser and inkjet compatible gloss adhesive stickers which you can order using the corresponding code number. Our Avery gloss labels can be used with the vast majority of modern software products and we even provide a convenient range of freely downloadable templates to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. You will find the download links next to the product images below.

If you are looking for photo-quality gloss labels and stickers that have a peelable or low tack adhesive then our semi-gloss option is just what you need. These adhesive gloss labels have a satin finish but you are able to remove the labels from whatever they are stuck onto with ease. We find that these gloss removable labels are quite commonly used as pricing labels and for labelling books, DVD’s and other items. They are also used as POS (point of sale) stickers, where they can easily be removed without damaging the goods. You can buy these labels directly from our manufacturing facility and they are suitable for use with most laser printers.

For any further information on the full range of photo quality gloss labels and stickers, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0845 026 4232.