With the best intentions in the world, people are still prone to making mistakes and important details and information are always susceptible to last minute change - so you may need to cover something up with a label that does not let anything show through from underneath.

Opaque or Block Out labels are stickers that are specifically designed with this purpose in mind. Unlike a normal label that features clear glue, the adhesive on a block out or opaque label is either black or dark blue in colour. When the label is applied over the details you are covering up, it prohibits the underlying information from showing through. The surface of the label can be printed on using an A4 laser or inkjet printer, or can even be left plain white exactly as supplied from stock.

So, What Are The Uses?

One example of a situation where the use of a block out label might be required is if a section of a leaflet or product information booklet has been printed out incorrectly. An opaque label would provide a quick and affordable way of fixing the mistake without having to reprint the leaflet from scratch. Another example would be if you needed to cover up some text that was provided in a different language - or if you had changed the ingredients in a printed recipe. Block out labels are also useful for printing out replacement barcode labels and stickers.

Mercury Labels provide a full range of opaque / block out labels across an entire range of sizes and layout styles - including Avery equivalent formats for ease of printing. You can use the labels with any popular software by means of the provided PDF templates or the easy-to-follow user guides that we offer.

Blockout Labels Available Pre-Printed or Blank

You can buy opaque stickers and block out labels from us either pre-printed, featuring a full colour custom design, or completely blank. We can supply labels on A4 sheets for use with laser and inkjet printers, or on rolls that you can use with thermal printing equipment.

The following options are available:

Die Cut Opaque block out labels

Butt Cut Opaque Block out labels

Circular Opaque Block out labels

PCL Opaque Block out labels

Thermal Opaque Block out labels

For more information, or to make a purchase, please contact the sales team on 0845 026 4232.