Low tack labels are easily removable stickers that are suitable for non-permanent applications. If you need to apply a label to a product and you want to remove that label afterwards without any difficulties then our low tack labels on A4 sheets are the perfect choice. At Mercury Labels, we are able to supply our entire catalogue of products with a low tack adhesive option so if there is anything particular that you require then please contact the sales team on 0845 026 4232 who will be glad to discuss your needs.


Peelable Stickers with Low Tack Adhesive

You can apply peelable stickers to all manner of products, from paper to plastic, but the main point to remember is that the special adhesive ensures that the labels are easily removable from practically anything you have applied them to. They are ideal for temporary item labelling and as pricing stickers that you need to remove once a customer has bought a product. Items and materials that these products are safe to use on include books, various fabrics, kids clothing, plastic, furniture and wood.

Low Tack Stickers for Glass & Windows and Easy Peel Glass Labels

One of our main lines of business is the supply of low tack stickers and labels to the glass and glazing industry. This includes our specially designed Easy Peel Labels and our Super Peel Low Tack Labels, which we provide on A4 sheets or rolls for your added convenience. It has always been notoriously difficult to find high quality product labels that can be removed from windows and glass surfaces without leaving a sticky residue behind. However, over the years we have developed a fantastic range of easily removable label products that are suitable for all types of glass including windows and glazed units ranging from standard double-glazing through to toughened glass units.

Our low tack glass labels are unique in the fact that they can be left on the glass surface for any length of time and when removed they leave no glue or nasty marks behind whatsoever. These labels are available in a wide choice of finishes including adhesive vinyl and clear materials, which enable you to print your own transparent stickers using standard inkjet or laser printers.

Low Tack Labels & Removable Stickers in the Workplace

Removable Labels for the NHS

Removable Labels for the NHS . Our range of low tack labels are widely used by the NHS and these are supplied directly by Mercury Labels to hospitals and medical centres across the UK. These high quality labels are used for applications such as entering data on patient records and medicine sheets. The information on these labels can easily be removed and discarded when no longer required which leaves the original documentation completely intact. These labels are also used in various laboratory situations and they can be placed on test tubes and other sample containers for identification purposes before being removed at a later date.

Removable Stickers as Pricing Labels

Removable Stickers as Pricing Labels. Peelable stickers with a low tack adhesive are often used as price tags and pricing labels throughout the retail industry in cases where a product needs to be marked up whilst on sale yet needs to be removed afterwards. The labels can easily be peeled off when no longer required without leaving any glue or messy residue behind on the product. Our removable pricing stickers are supplied on A4 sheets or in printer roll format.

Low Tack Stickers for Product Labelling

Low Tack Stickers for Product Labelling.We are sure you can imagine a wide range of products that would are sold with adhesive labels on them that need to be removed once your customer has got them home. There is nothing more annoying than one of your purchases not having a low tack label attached, leaving you to wash or soak the labels off in hot soapy water. Our low tack stickers such as our easy peel bar code labels are easy to remove from all manner of different products such as glassware, books and plastic toys.

For further information on any of our removable stickers and our low tack, peelable label range, simply call our team on 0845 026 4232. We are always on hand to help with any enquiries you may have and we always strive to offer complete customer satisfaction.