Purchase Direct Thermal Labels

Printing your labels with 'direct thermal printers' could not be easier as they do not require the use of 'thermal printer ribbons'; these types of labels are manufactured from special papers that react to heat, (like fax paper) hence the name thermal. There is no ribbon and the heat is simply applied from the print head within your printer directly onto the label surface, hence the name direct thermal labels. The heat creates the image or text directly onto the label, it really is as simple as that.

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Hand Held Portable Thermal Labels Printing    Direct Thermal Labels in use

With ever advancing printer technology, hand held and portable Thermal printers from Zebra, Tec, Citizen and many more, on the move labelling has never been easier. Using Direct Thermal Labels in conjunction with hand held printers, means you can scan, print, peel and stick your labels within a matter of seconds. All our direct thermal labels are manufactured to comply with all popular hand held and portable printers.

Like other types of Thermal labels, direct thermal stickers come in a variety of finishes such as top coated direct thermal labels and also eco-uncoated which are more common and cost effective. Both types of direct thermal labels are supplied with either permanent or low tack adhesives.

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