Thermal transfer labels are labels supplied on rolls or even fan folded and the labels need to be used with thermal or foil ribbons.

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How does it work?

The thermal labels and thermal ribbons are fed into the printer at the same time, the image, text or any other information you are printing is then transferred from the ribbon onto the label by means of the thermal print head within the printer, hence the name.

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Thermal Transfer Labels        Thermal labels and Ribbons


See the below illustration of how the Thermal Transfer Labels Printing Process works and is Explained here in detail.

Thermal Transfer Labels in detail

Here at Mercury we stock a vast number of thermal transfer label sizes and roll formats, this type of label can also be supplied in a variety of different finishes such as glossy or matt with permanent or low tack adhesives and also many poly or vinyl type finishes for great durability and thus giving you a weather proof  / waterproof label.

Thermal transfer labels are commonly used in many different thermal printer types such as, Zebra, Datamax, Tec, Soabar to name but a few.

Please ask a member of our sales team for more information on this product. Please also see our thermal ribbons section for details on the ribbons you will need for thermal transfer printing.