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Q. I’m looking for some printed PPI Labels can you help?

Printing PPI labels is something we do regularly for a number of our customers.

All we need to know is the size of PPI Labels you need and your Royal Postage Paid Impression number, once we have this information we are able to email you a proof of how your PPI labels will look when printed, it’s really quite as simple as that, so as long as you have a PPI account with Royal Mail then printing the PPI labels for you is very straight forward.

Royal mail have made a number of changes over the last few years, you will not need your PPI printed labels to have the Royal Mail delivered by symbol on the labels, you will now also notice that the 1st class, 2nd class and the mailsort labels have also been changed. The 1st class PPI labels are now require to be displayed as 24 (for 24 hour), as the 2nd class are now to be 48 and so on.

We are kept right up to date with any changes that Royal Mail make to the PPI labels you may require.  Give a member of our sales team a call for any further information you may need on our full suite of PPI Labels.

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